We work with ad agencies, design studios, and companies directly and provide authentic, artistic, and on-brand photography. We help clients market their products and services with well-crafted photographs. In essence, we help clients project a great image. Jeff Weeks is the principal photographer at Show the Story, and he personally works with each client to ensure the success of every project.


Clients need to overcome run-of-the-mill photography that shows their products and services in an unappealing way. Subpar photographs cause clients to make the wrong impression in their ads and websites, which causes them to be less successful. We work with clients to obtain images that accurately capture their brand and which put them in the best light. Simply put, it is our mission to help our clients be more successful.


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About the Photographer

Jeff Weeks

One of my happiest days was when I was in junior high and I received a camera for Christmas! I've had a passion for photography ever since. When I grew up, I went to law school and practiced as a litigation attorney for 33 years. I had a plan and dream to eventually retire from law and start a photography business. That dream became a reality in 2022 when I founded Show the Story, Inc. This company exists to help entities succeed by providing outstanding photography that captures their authentic brand.

Meet your team

Jeff weeks

Founder & Photographer



marla weeks

Producer & Marketing




Assistant & Photographer




Tricia Turk, Turk Interiors

“We needed the perfect person to capture behind the scenes shenanigans during our styling days at Turk Interiors. We called on Jeff at Show the Story because if anyone could capture the moment, the personality, the fun we have while working, it was Jeff. He definitely made us laugh but also made himself inconspicuous while we worked. The photos are fantastic, and we’ll be calling him again!”

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