Giuseppe is one of my heroes. He lives in Guatemala City, which is one of the poorest cities in the western hemisphere, and he works tirelessly to help the ultra poor. Giuseppe's Operation Rescue operates a school for children of destitute families and goes out multiple times each week to feed many homeless and drug addicts. He shares the Gospel and provides hope for the hopeless. Jeff Weeks flew to Guatemala to photograph Operation Rescue to help Giuseppe with fundraising.

Giuseppe - a true hero

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Giuseppe's school provides a welcoming, loving, safe place where ultra-poor children receive meals, clothing, and an education

Street ministry to the homeless & addicted

It's eye opening when you go out with Giuseppe to help feed and minister to the homeless and addicted on the streets of Guatemala City. The level of poverty and hopelessness is overwhelming. Giuseppe soldiers on day-after-day. Multiple times each week he and his crew load up trucks with soup and sandwiches and make the rounds.

They feed, comfort, and try to help all comers. Giuseppe talks of Jesus and preaches a word of hope and transformation. The next day, Giuseppe's team drives a bus around the city, picks up homeless and poor children, and

takes them to the school for meals and an education.

Giuseppe teaching about hope and life through Jesus


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