Photographing sweet Families at FLS

God has been at work through Family Life Services (FLS) since its founding in 1942. I enjoy helping ministries with their photography needs. This is the second time that I worked with FLS photographing single moms and their children. These women have had it rough. Sometimes you can see the pain and hardship in their eyes. However, it was all smiles at the FLS Christmas celebration. The children were bouncing up and down and excited to see Santa. And I took portraits of each family so they will have Christmas pictures.

None of the family portraits of the women and children served by FLS are shown here because of security concerns. I fully understand that policy, but it's unfortunate that you can't see these brave women and their wonderful children.

The FLS home provides an intimate community for single moms and their children. It’s a secluded village — a safe place carved out for courageous women who are building new life patterns and leaving old ones behind. These are working moms who are also working hard at transformation. It’s gritty and challenging — and full of promise.

Originally called the "Christian Home for Children," FLS refined its mission in the 1980’s to focus on single moms and their children. In the security of their individual apartments, moms and their children are safe and free to eat and sleep and thrive under the growing awareness that God is for them. And beside each mom, FLS staff and mentors walk step-by-step, life-by-life, through the hard work of building a better future.

All of this makes FLS practical. Hopeful. And a tangible community where families experience the love of God as his Spirit creates healthy families. It also makes FLS a meaningful place to invest your talents, practical skills and resources for moms, their children and their futures.

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Jeff Weeks, Founder of Show the Story