I wanted to capture the feel of the Garden of the Gods as it might have felt in 1886. We scouted the Garden for good shooting locations, and we contacted a local cowgirl, Elle Billerbeck, about having a photoshoot there. Elle agreed, and she met me and my assistant, Rachel Franklin, at the Garden before sunrise. Elle is sponsored by Wrangler clothing; her hat is from The Cow Lot; and her boots are from Ariat. She is simply wonderful to work with.

I spent many years shooting good old Kodak Tri-X 400 Black & White Negative Film. While the color images from the "Cowgirl in the Garden" photoshoot were strong, processing the images in black & white really gives the images the American West feel I was hoping to achieve.  I must say it feels good to work in black & white again!

Elle Billerbeck: @muahellie

Clothes: @wrangler, https://www.wrangler.com/

Hat: @thecowlot, https://thecowlot.com/

Boots: @ariatinternational, https://www.ariat.com/

Assistant: @rachel.j.photo