TEaming with Post Meridiem

Post Meridiem is the branding and marketing company for OMARI all-leather outerwear, and we teamed up again for this season's fashion photoshoot. Waverly McDaniel was the Creative Director and Nichole Sellden was the Producer and Stylist. I served as the Photographer, and Rachel Franklin served as the Photographer’s Assistant. 

We worked with The Block Agency to source our models, and Rachel Raines and Tobias Jenkin killed it! It's wonderful to work with models that have years of experience in the industry working with luxury brands.

It was great working again with Peter Menaker, who is OMARI’s Founder. This year's new Jackson lifestyle collection is inspired by the American West, combining timeless styles with modern cuts. Now, if I could just get my hands on one of those OMARI leather rancher jackets!

You can check out OMARI at