A Dream comes True, by Jennifer Sigety

When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on, The delay can be depressing. But when at last your dream comes true,  Life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul. Proverbs 13:12

Have you ever had a dream? One that you hoped someway, somehow would come to pass? Well, this is my dream. And it did come true.  The culmination of 30 years of journals, of heartfelt prayers, and of waiting with great expectations. My horse, *HS PINERO or "Bear" as he likes to be called, is one of the greatest joys of my life - a treasure wrapped in brown fur.

Bear was bred at one of the most famous Arabian Stud Farms in the world, Janow Podlaski in Poland. The blood of numerous European Champions flows through his veins. He is true royalty - my Polish Prince. When I went to first meet Bear, I drove on the narrow high-hedged roads of Devonshire to Halsdon, and my heart was so hopeful. After 30 years, I wondered whether this was really going to happen? How would I know Bear was the one for me? Would we somehow recognize each other? I prayed, "Lord please show me!"

I parked the car and was greeted warmly by Mrs. Watts. We spoke of mutual acquaintances and favorite horses as we walked through the stable yard. She led me into a spotless whitewashed barn, and there he was. When Bear saw me, he came from the back of his stall to greet me. He was humble and kind. His breath was warm on my hands as he softly nuzzled my fingers. His peaceful presence enveloped me. But his eyes… 

The depth of his eyes consumed me.  He has Eukaliptus’ eyes. You see, Eukaliptus is his grandsire.  I had fallen in love with Eukaliptus 30 years before through pictures and fairytales of the magnificent gray stallion who lived in Poland.  And incredibly, somehow, here were those same deep dark soft kind eyes looking at me.  He knew. I knew. We recognized each other. He had been waiting for me to find him.

Since that day in Devon, Bear and I have traveled far and have had adventures in Austria, Germany, Michigan, Oklahoma and now Colorado. We have won many blue ribbons over the last four years competing in Western Dressage, which culminated in our first World Championship together in 2021. Ribbons, belt buckles and awards are glorious to win, but it is his warm breath and quiet nuzzles I cherish the most. And yes, his eyes still consume me.

The connection. The communion. My dream come true. He is my gift from the very throne room of Heaven.  It's hard to describe, but Bear provides me a sense of Shalom, which means wholeness, harmony, flourishing, and delight.