Mallory Willis, PT, DPT

I was first introduced to the specialty of "pelvic health" during physical therapy school at the University of Pittsburgh. Like many others, I had no idea this specialty existed. After completing several clinical rotations, I learned and began practicing pelvic health, and I knew it was my calling. I heard story after story of patients suffering from urinary, bowel issues, or pelvic pain for years with no answers from their health care providers, and I knew I needed to help.

I love helping mothers throughout pregnancy and setting them up for success postpartum. This is a specialty where I have the opportunity to apply orthopedic knowledge, mental health, and manual therapy to care for my patients. 

I began working as a Pelvic PT in my hometown of Colorado Springs and realized there is a huge gap of pelvic floor education and care available. I was struggling with balancing a busy caseload, providing quality care, implementing new treatments, and taking care of myself. I am happy to announce that I've decided to follow my dream of having my own PT practice. This gives me the opportunity to implement preventative education for the Colorado Springs community and provide high quality treatment.

My vision for Peak Pelvic Health is: 

  1. To increase awareness and accessibility of pelvic care;
  2. Deliver high quality 1:1 care for every patient (holistic mindset, value-based care);
  3. Provide flexibility and work-life balance for our providers and staff; and
  4. Raise the bar for the quality of pelvic physical therapy by treating, teaching, collaborating, and inspiring. 

I absolutely love this career and the impact it can have on each person's quality of life. The business is just in the beginning stages, but we have big dreams of where it can go!