Sabine & Uwe Wuppermann

Sabine's sister is dying of cancer. Sabine & Uwe are married and living in a nice house in a big city in Germany. They both have corporate jobs, work long hours, and do the necessary things to be successful. However, the horror of the cancer is making them reevaluate their lives. They wonder what they are doing with their lives. Is chasing financial success in the big city what they really want? They seem to always be stressed and worn out. They talk about getting older, and they wonder how much longer they will have their health. They decide to change everything and pursue their dream of biking around the world. It's time to start living!

Sabine & Uwe evaluate their finances, quit their jobs, sell their house in the big city and move to a downsized home in a smaller town. They determine they can retire now, so long as they are frugal and stay within their budget They purchase bikes that will equip them for long adventures on the road, and they fly to the United States and start riding.

Sabine & Uwe have a general idea where they are headed (Mexico), but they have no fixed plan. They keep it flexible based on how they feel, the weather, and how much they like an area, and they generally ride 50-80 miles each day. They have suffered no health issues throughout the long journey, and they feel stronger and more alive.

Marla and I meet Sabine & Uwe at a campground near Capitol Reef National Park. They are camping in a tent next to our Airstream Bambi. We discover they carry a tent and all their necessary equipment and supplies on their bikes! Sabine & Uwe are wonderfully warm and genuine. They talk about their lives and their ride across America. They say they're most impressed with the friendliness of Americans. They decide to stay an extra night at the campground, but the only spot available is a tiny cabin. Marla and I are thrilled as this affords us the opportunity to hear more of their stories.

Thank you, Sabine & Uwe, for reminding us there are wonderful people all around the world.

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Sabine & Uwe Wuppermann at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah